Fillings (White Fillings)

If you have to get a tooth filling you'll be glad to know that today you have more choices and options than every before. 

The cost of tooth fillings will vary, the time to complete treatment and whether or not you have dental insurance all will play a roll in your decision. 

A filling can be made of amalgam, gold inlays or onlays, composite resin which are a blend of plastics and other particles. Today white fillings are very popular, they bond well, can be colored to match existing teeth, can be easily shaped and look very natural. With advancements in dentistry these are holding up better than 5 years. 

Every filing material has it's pros and cons. Each person will have their own preference based on what the like and don't like. We recommend that you speak with your dentist to find out which type of filling will work best for your situation.